Perfect World International has released one of the most advanced free online mmorpg games ever made. Perfect World a.k.a. PWI is a beautiful 3D mmorpg that gives you the freedom to explore a large world filled with danger and treasure. Perfect World International has many different aspects to the game. First of all, its a free fantasy mmorpg. It is a 100% free online mmorpg that is easy to download and play. There is a system in place where you can upload money which transforms into game "gold". You can use this gold to buy useful items and fashions for your character. You are always able to earn money in the game and trade for these items from other people using their Auction House and trading system.

The depth of Perfect World starts with your character. You are able to design and create almost any look you desire. Do you want to play a tall skinny elf? A short and balding mage? Maybe you want to give your blademaster a goatee upon reaching level 30? This can all be done and much much more.

Click here to see me fainting when I saw Michael Jackson in the game!!! New fashion items are released on a regular basis which allow you to dress up your character in more unique ways. Game fixes, patches, and special events are constantly being announced. "GM's" or game masters are available to help you when you need it.

The players of PWI are the most mature, helpful, and honest people I have every played a mmorpg with. Nearly everyone is friendly, and willing to help anyone with game questions and quests that you acquire as you level up. When you play a free online mmorpg with mature players, it makes you want to tell everyone what a good game it is. You can even meet that special someone, fall in love, and get MARRIED!

Explore a fantasy world of fun and adventure. Perfect world is a fabulous free online mmorpg with daily quests and so many features that you will keep coming back for more.

Character ClassesHuman Mage or Blademaster / Elf Archer or Cleric / Untamed Barbarian or Venomancer

EquipmentCollect and craft magical gear + rare and unique gear from Twilight, Frost, Lunar, Legendary & Warsoul

MountsRun on land faster with a mount. Ancient Dragons, Panthers, Serpents, Bears and more!

Territory WarsJoin a Faction with up to 200 members and fight to own areas of land to acquire the spoils of war $$$

Have FunKiss that cute boy or girl you like! Have your man carry you in his arms and fly you to dungeons and more

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